5 Reasons Why Wood Interior Is a Great Option for Your Home

Incorporating wooden interior design elements into your living space is a wise idea – Let’s go over the top 5 reasons why
What’s the most important aspect of any interior design project? The answer to this question is, without a doubt, the materials used.

The materials we choose to incorporate into our interior design projects can directly impact all aspects of a living space. From style and aesthetics to functionality and longevity. The right materials used in just the right way can take an ordinary house or living space and transform it into a timeless work of art.

Wood is one such material that can easily help transform your home living space into a masterpiece that you’ll truly love spending time in (and be proud of).
5 reasons why wood interior is a great option for home design

1 | Wood interior design will never go out of style – history says so

What do the 14th-century renaissance and the year 2022 both have in common? Wood! Or to be a bit more precise, a deep appreciation for wood interior design.

If we take a quick look back at the rich history of interior design trends, we can see that wood has quite literally, never not been a popular material.

During the renaissance, designers and woodworkers used intricately carved wood panels and arches as a way to symbolize wealth and prosperity. Fast forward 700 years later to the 1950s and we can see that the midcentury modern design trends dramatically switched to a more minimal, modern, and ergonomic interior decor style. Yet still, mid-century modern design heavily incorporated wood in the form of furniture, wooden wall paneling, and decor pieces.

Then v.s. now
This comparison is a great example of just how diverse wood as a design material truly is. It can be used to add detailed and elegant grandeur, or it can be used as a way of cleaning up and simplifying a room’s aesthetic, while still feeling warm and homey.

As of today, we’re still collectively in love with wooden interior design, and this doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon.

Design trends for 2022 seem to be going in the direction of warm and natural and away from colder industrial styles, meaning that modern wood interior design is here to stay.

2 | Wood interior design is functional

Functionality is one aspect of a living space that should never be overlooked. Because at the end of the day, if a room isn’t functional, it’s just flat out uncomfortable.

Wood can help in more ways than one when it comes to improving the functionality of a room.

The acoustics of a living space is something that many people often overlook during the designing process, which is a big no-no.

If the acoustics in a room are off, the entire space won’t feel right. Wooden home design elements like acoustic wooden paneling can help mitigate unwanted echoes and make a space feel more comfortable.

Creatively divides a space
Open floor plans have been all the rage for the last decade, but sometimes, just enough separation of space can make a room feel more put together and organized. When walls or even half walls aren’t in your floorplan, wooden wall partitions could be a great alternative option.

Bonus tip
CW Woodcraft acoustic grille panels or flat panels don’t only work to help a space feel more natural and comfortable, but they can also add perfectly balanced elements of natural beauty and modern minimalism. Acoustic paneling is an especially great idea for living rooms and home theaters.

3 | It’s durable

The durability of the material you want to use in your living space, for any reason, is hugely important. And that is exactly why wood is a great option.

Wooden home design projects, whether that’s wood paneling, furniture, flooring, or wall partitions, will remain in great condition for years and years, no matter the climate that your home is located.

This is because wood is especially great at absorbing and releasing moisture and is even resistant to certain corrosive chemicals. So as the years go by, repair and maintenance costs will be kept to a minimum.

4 | It is eco-friendly

Fun fact: wood is the oldest natural and renewable resource used in home design today.

Not only is wood one of the only renewable materials available for home construction and design, but it’s also recyclable. Unfortunately, we can’t say that any other kinds of building materials are equally as gentle on the environment as wood.

But if one thing is for certain, it’s that eco-friendly options are becoming more and more important to people. And modern wood interior design is not only helping people reduce their ecological footprint, but also giving them peace of mind at the end of the day.

5 | Wood is affordable

The fact that wood is renewable, officially makes it the most readily available home design material on the market. And in turn, this makes wood a very cost-effective option.

And, taking a few steps back, remember when we talked about how wood requires much less maintenance when compared to other building materials? Bingo. Yet another reason why wood is the most affordable option for those that want to elevate their home’s interior design without breaking the bank.

While materials like natural stone, for example, can be a beautiful addition to your home’s interior design, you’ll surely pay a pretty penny for it.

On the other hand, a wood interior (whether it’s midcentury modern styled acoustic paneling, flooring, or furniture) can bring the same elegant aesthetic as other more expensive materials, all while keeping your budget realistic.

In conclusion: go for the wood interior

Of course, wood shouldn’t be the only material used in your next home design project. It’s always wise to carefully mix and match materials. But adding just the right amount of wooden design elements can be beneficial for nearly every aspect of your home.