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Schedule a call with Cory (10 minutes)

We advise with passion and transparency – adapted to your individual project needs. No one knows our products better than us, and we offer our customers a direct connection to the design room!

Select the date and time that works for you. Please keep in mind that this is intended for an initial brief meeting to discuss the scope of the project. Further discussions may be needed and scheduled after this initial introduction call.

I look forward to meeting you!
Cory Wasmus

Cory Wasmus
Cory Wasmus

President of C.W. Woodcraft

“Many of our customers assume that I am the ‘C.W.’ in the name, but it’s really for Ceilings & Walls, the main scope of our work. However, I am in love with what we do here and proud for our products to carry my initials. From the smallest to the largest project, nothing ships out of our shop that I am not personally proud of.

I am very eager to meet you and discuss how we can contribute to making your interior space more comfortable and beautiful!”