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CW Woodcraft® G75 Series Grille Panels, designed to suspend from the ceiling, are completely customizable. 3/4” thick grille slats are constructed into panels that measure 24” (w) x 96” (l). Selectable options are the Backer & Dowels assembly, Quantity of Slats Per Panel, Slat Height Variation, Finish, Acoustical Backing, and the Suspension System. These panels can also be built to match an Architects Sample.

Backer Only or Add Dowels

CW Woodcraft® G75 Series Grille Panels are offered in both Backer Only or add 1/2“ Dowels.

Number of Slats and Height Variation

CW Woodcraft® G75 Series Grille Panels are constructed with slats that are .75” thickness. For thicker slats, see the C150 Series Grille Panels.

Premium Finish Choices

The following premium materials are our standard choices, extended lead times may apply to others. To match the finish of an Architects Sample, use SKU Variation [MATCH].

Acoustical Backing

CW Woodcraft® integrated acoustical backing can be customized to any of the CW Feltcraft® Designer Board colors. Generally, two standard selections are chosen, Black or Marble. There is also the option to not include any acoustical backing in the panel construction.

Suspension Type

Grille panels are directly fastened to the mounting surface using Screws, hooked onto a metal grid system using Concealed C Clips, or suspended by cables using Cable Grabbers. NOTE: Renderings shown below not specific to this configuration.


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Dimensions 96 × 24 in
Grille Panels G75 Series
Grille Panels G75 Series



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