Wood Accent Wall Package | 8 x 8 coverage


This package includes all components needed for an accent wall that measures 8′ wide by 8′ tall. Total of 4 panels (2’x8′ each) and full z-clip installation system. Shipping included.

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CW Woodcraft® F50 Series Slat Panels, designed to suspend from the ceiling or attach to wall. All of our products are completely customizable.

Our wood wall and ceiling products are always completely finished before they leave our shop.


STOCK FINISHES (As of December 2021)
Walnut, Flat Cut (Natural Clear)
Ash, Flat Cut (Natural Clear)
White Oak, Rift Cut (Natural Clear)

*Custom Stain of these materials adds approximately 2 weeks to production time and 20% to cost.

Black Acoustical Felt
Marble Acoustical Felt
Optional Veneered Finish to match slats Backing Panel (extends lead time by 2 weeks)

Lighting Integration is custom and will be designed per customers specifications.

All of our products are made to order. Standard Selections average 2-3 weeks with this panel as will build these with in stock materials. However, most customization will add to lead time (such as finish matching or finish matched backer panel). This will need to be discussed prior to making order.

These panels are built with 1/2” thickness flat slats, constructed into panels that measure 24” (w) x 96” (l). Completely customizable, such as Backer & Dowels assembly, Quantity of Slats Per Panel, Slat Height Variation, Finish, Acoustical/Finished Backing, and the Suspension System. These panels can also be built to match an Architects Sample.

STANDARD FINISHES (Available for Fast Build) are White Oak Rift, Walnut, and Flat Cut Ash. There is also over 100 additional wood species and custom finishes available (Extended Lead Times apply)

These panels are constructed with slats that are 0.50” thickness.

Premium Finish Choices
The following premium materials are our standard choices, extended lead times may apply to others. To match the finish of an Architects Sample, use SKU Variation [MATCH].

Acoustical Backing
CW Woodcraft® integrated acoustical backing can be customized to any of the CW Feltcraft® Designer Board colors. Generally, two standard selections are chosen, Black or Marble. There is also the option to not include any acoustical backing in the panel construction.

Optional Veneered Finish to match slats Backing Panel

Suspension Type
Grille panels are either directly fastened to the mounting surface using Screws, hooked onto a metal grid system using Concealed C Clips, or suspended by cables using Cable Grabbers.

NOTE: Renderings/ Pictures of the product shown in this listing may not be specific to this configuration.


Every year there are new trends to make your interior space unique, but the beauty of natural wood is truly timeless. Of course, hardwood floors and cabinets are common in many homes and businesses today, but architects and designers are finding unique ways for natural wood materials to be integrated into ceilings and walls using modular wood slat panels. This unique building material may be exactly what your new or renovated space needs to bring in new warmth or character.

In times past, the only way to have these unique wooden wall or ceiling coverings was to hire a local skilled wood worker, but these professionals can be increasingly tough to find and expensive to hire. Unique wood wall and ceiling coverings can now be achieved using wood slat panels. The wood slat panels are designed to fit together seamlessly. There is really no way to tell where one panel ends and one begins. For example, these modular designed wall panels from CW Woodcraft® will easily fit into most existing spaces with only the slightest modification during installation. They even offer customization where the panels are made to exact dimensions.

How many different styles of slat paneling are there? There is literally hundreds of different ways to configure a slat panel. Basically, they fall into one of two style categories; Flat Slats or Grille Slats.

Flat Slat Panels

The slats in a Flat Slat style panel are oriented so that each slat width is greater than the depth. For example, each slat would be 2 inches wide, but only a half inch depth. This style of panel usually has a narrower empty space between the slats. For this reason they are more commonly used where the acoustical advantages of the paneling is not as important. Matching wood finished backing could even be used to add more character, such as this flat slat panel with finish matching backer panel.

Grille Slat Panels

Slats in a Grille Slat style panel are oriented so that each slat width is less than the depth. For example, a common grille slat is 3/4 inch wide by 3 inch depth. The empty spacing between slats in this grille type of panel is usually wider in order to let sound waves through to the built-in acoustical backing material. These grille panels are a great choice for open spaces to absorb sound, especially when trying to reduce echo. Musicians and pod-casters have even found these panels useful for the acoustical advantages. Check out this sound studio concept design using panels built with walnut wood grille slats on black acoustical backing. They rock! I love the way the wall and ceiling meet for a waterfall style, and the slat panel integrated lighting takes it over the top.

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Weight 60 lbs
Dimensions 96 × 24 × 1 in
Wood Accent Wall Package | 8 x 8 coverage