CW Woodcraft - Making Ambient Surroundings

Humans have been crafting things from wood for centuries to design their interior as well as exterior spaces. Apart from having abilities like good aesthetics, lightweight, durability, strength, and immense sound absorption capabilities, Wood also enables you to customize every minute detail as per your needs. When it comes to designing interior environments with great functionality and aesthetics, wood has been and will remain an essential ingredient.

Talking about the interior spaces, from inducing warmth, safety, or building an efficient and positive working environment, interior spaces have a lot of impact on how your customers feel and behave. According to the Harris Poll study on 1000 UK adults, 76% of the adults find positive customer experience with a business to be more important than the product itself. 

The interior environment says a lot about your brand, so it becomes necessary that your’s is giving the right message. You want to make your interior environment aesthetically appealing, functional, and eliminate any echoes or reduce noise, but you don’t know where to start from.

CW Woodcraft - Making Ambient Surroundings

CW Woodcraft is a complete package for all your interior space demands. We are not just a lavish wood panel manufacturing brand, but we also help you with interior design for new builds and remodels. With years of experience in the industry and catering to thousands of business demands, we are among the household names in the USA market. 

We specialize in modern wood ceilings & walls made from soundproof wood panels. Our professional-grade acoustic wood panels are designed to eliminate any slap echoes, control comb filtering in rooms, and reduce noise so that the overall sound quality can be improved and your customers/guests don’t leave you standstill.

Everyone has different requirements, ideas, and acknowledging those requirements is what a professional brand stands for. With our C.W. Builder, you can configure products exactly the way you want without compromising on anything.

How the acoustics of a room are very important?

Acoustics is the way sound waves interact with the surrounding space. If a room echoes a bit, it may not seem like a very big deal, but if it is unbearable, especially when it comes to office spaces, restaurants, or auditoriums, this can turn into a disaster. Having good acoustics is great for the well-being of any business to enhance their customer experience. 

Our modern wood wall panels are made from sound-absorbing materials that help in mitigating noise, echoes and enhance the overall properties of sound by improving sound quality. You can install our acoustic wood panels for sound recording, home theater, home interior, office, meeting spaces, and many more. 

What do we offer?

We offer a wide range of products starting from Grille Panels, Rigging & Hardware, Acoustical Felt Baffles, Integrated Lighting, Linear Wood Panels, Beams, and Wall Slat Panels. Our products are made from over 100 different wood species and come with everlasting stain finishing that can effortlessly match any existing woodwork in your space.

Grille Panels

Grille panels are magnificent-looking visual design elements that enhance the overall look, feel of your ceilings and wall. These modern panels offer numerous design flexibilities and can be easily customized in our CW Builder. Grill installation is also easy with the help of a backer or dowel. 

Rigging & Hardware

Rigging hardware is the equipment used to lift, suspend, and secure loads. We know the importance of quality, that’s why we offer the highest grade rigging hardware solutions to help you grow your business. 

Integrated Lighting

The use of lighting enhances the overall colors of a room and compliments the interior environment. As a part of interior design, Lightning helps create visual interest and with the help of our integrated lightning, you can offer a relaxed and productive atmosphere.

Acoustical Felt Baffles

Our acoustical felt baffles are made from highly efficient sound-absorbing panels that reduce reverberations and noise levels. You can customize these according to interior space with our CW Builder. 

Linear Wood Panels 

These linear wood panels help you change the appearance of any interior space into a modern-looking space. One of the primary features of these wood panels is that they can be used horizontally and vertically, depending upon the requirement in the area to be used.

 Wall Slat Panels

Wall slat panels are a type of structural material that is used to exhibit fixtures or create wall coverings. Our wooden slat panels are made from acoustic material to reduce noise.


We offer 5 different types of suspension options for our wood panels. 

1). Z Clip System

Z clip suspension system enables you to install items without the need of screwing into the face of the item being hung. This is usually used to fasten wall panels. Z clips mesh with each other to seal the panel installations, cabinets, signs, or any other item to the surface or a wall while keeping the clip hidden.

2). Dowel Clip System

To install and support grille panels, a Dowel clip is used. The dowel clip suspension system is used to offer support and stop this overhanging structure from falling.

3). Backer Clip System

Backer clips are used to attach grille panels with a T-Bar suspension system. Backer clips can be used with grille panels that use a dowel and backer combination.

4). Integrated Cable Grabber

A cable grabber is a sophisticated hardware component that enables you to adjust the height of an installation without using tools. The integrated cable grabber uses supreme quality cables to hold grille panels, LED lights up against the ceiling.

5). Concealed C Clip

The concealed c clip is a “C” shaped clip that is used to grip the overhanging structure up against the ceiling. These clips come with very minimal visible surface area, thus making them perfect for concealment.

CW Builder

We know the importance of personalization and how it can impact the business. That’s why we developed CW Builder, one of the well-planned and designed tools that allows you to customize every single little detail as per your taste. No need to waste hours planning, You can customize products within minutes with our in-house designed tool.

Why select us?

With our years of experience in the industry and our affection for interior design, our products add lavish yet modern vibes to your interior spaces. Whether you want to design your home interiors or your business interiors, we can do everything. We have standard sizes, but we build each and every panel completely custom to the customer requirements. 

The interior environment isn’t something that needs to be taken lightly, let the professionals take care of your interior spaces and focus on what you love doing. Contact us at and start growing your business.